Multinational Crew

   To make the crewing easier for owners, we have developed a concept, according to which a constant flow of various Asian, Egyptian and European nationalities through our network is guaranteed, ensuring at the same time equal employment conditions or all nationalities.
We are in close connection with our overseas offices and one of our main targets is the improvement in Seamen’s education.

We can also confirm that both the training and the certification of the crew are fully up to IMO white list standards (ISO/ISM).

The benefits an owner can derive from our crew are the following:

Certificates & Diplomas

All Seamen have Diplomas & Certificates, which are officially acknowledged, in accordance with international requirements/IMO white list and safety standards (ISM, STCW 95, GMDSS etc).

English Language

All officers speak and write English fluently, with relevant certification from Marine University/Navigational School. All crewmembers/ratings understand English and have all received education in the English language. Furthermore, we arrange refresher courses in our training school.

Training Scools

In addition to the official maritime education in some of our network countries, we co-operate with training schools, which are supervised by experienced personnel and staffed with qualified officers and seamen of other ranks. Likewise we arrange English language courses, in order to meet the requirements of ISM / STCW 95.

Selection System

The crew selection is conducted carefully, in accordance with owners’ requirements and our own strict criteria of selection.


We manage to work with the Principal’s wage scales in order to succeed to meet the needs of the company.

Signing On

We take care on client’s behalf all formalities regarding departure, VISA, etc. Owners only have to give instructions to local ship agents and arrange PTA.

No Performance

If not performing properly his duties as per Masters’ request, the crewmember can be replaced within the first 3 (three) months for Asian crew and 2 (two) months for European crew with repatriation and replacement airfares charged to the seaman’s or our account.