Cruise Crew

  Our company is in position to man cruise ships with responsible and reliable Hotel, Food and Beverage staff, who are tourism schools graduates. We guarantee that they are skillful and prepared to cope with the increased demands that a cruise ship has. We have a pool of well-experienced crew consisting of both sexes who are nationals of Burma/Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam for Hotel, Food and Beverage (F & B) departments on board cruise ships.

  It is mandatory for all staff of cruise vessels to attend basic safety training courses and to obtain certificates issued by State Recognized Institutes. In addition, all crew must attend special courses in English; ship familiarization, safety and guidelines towards Hygiene and Sanitation for all F & B personnel are regularly conducted under our close supervision. In order to be at the forefront of development, we have our own training facilities where professional training as well as English language courses takes place.

  All our Crew are required to undergo standardized training for relevant certifications and STCW’ 95 compliance prescribed as mandatory by the IMO and are also obliged to learn a myriad of specific rules and regulations that have to be implemented as demanded by the internationally recognized Crew Quality Assurance Program. In this respect we have been able to muster an unflagging enthusiasm for the benefit of our Principals, making sure the latter get only the best.