As manning agents our first goal is to guarantee you the best quality of our services. We know that to remain successful company we must work together, frequently rise above organizational, geographical, and cultural boundaries to meet the changing needs of our Principals. Nowadays, we know that it is very important to work with people with authenticity and sincerity and those are the traits that have established us in the maritime market. Our goal is to gain your confidence and to assure you that you can rely on us because the most vital element of a ship is its crew.





Your confidence is our necessary tool to create a cooperation based in reliable and efficient results. Our principals as an experienced manning agency make us a trustful co-partner with responsibilities which we can take care effectively.


The quality of our services composed by many variables such as the careful selection of the crew, our loyalty and the readiness to face any

challenge quickly. Day after day, we learn how to modify your needs for seamen with the continually changing market.


Our target is to help you make your company stronger and more stable in the maritime industry. We endorse your goals and we act responsible for your ships and for the reputation of your company which is our primary task.


The only measure which can show us the effectiveness of our agency is the recycling of our seafarers. When we recycling our crew means that our services meet your goals and this is our first goal, to give you the crew that you want.